COGEST does its utmost to be recognized as a top-quality organization, aiming to innovate and able to meet its Clients’ requirements.

The company organization includes qualified technical experts and the direct supervision of the Management to solve any operating criticalities and to ensure the compliance of engineering services.

The company policy aims to meet the following goals:

  • Customer satisfaction, by systematically respecting contract requirements, in order to strengthen a trust and collaboration relation based on transparency, flexibility and quick actions
  • Company efficiency
  • Enlargement of the reference market within the framework of the strategies identified by the Management
  • Promotion and implementation of staff members training and education programmes at all levels, in order to optimize the human resource growth process
  • Management of risks and opportunities with options proportional to the impact on the service quality
  • Optimization of Collaborators, also by means of regular payments and prices consistent with the market.


The Management is also committed to remove any possible cause of conflict of interest in its business, including the design verification for validation purposes. For this reason, the utmost independence and objectivity must be ensured.

The Management identified the ISO 9001 standard as the internationally acknowledged reference for continuously improving its company performance, for the purposes of the quality of the provided services: in order to make the improvements of the Management measurable, some yearly goals are established, based on suitable indicators, whose actual achievement is periodically checked by means of suitable re-assessments.