COGEST is an Engineering Company established in May 1984 by a group of Professionals who decided to combine their experiences in order to provide high quality services, on the basis of a careful process tailored to the Client’s needs, integrating the various skills present in the original group.

The original team achieved experience with the construction of the Ridracoli Dam and the Romagna Waterworks, an hydraulic engineering work accomplished by the best professionals in the Italian school, which has received important awards, even internationally: the founding members played several roles in the implementation of this large infrastructure, including Government assistant to the construction of the dam, planning and management of the works involving various components in the waterworks network, up to the operating management of the waterworks in the first few years of operation.

Today its professional frameworks focus on infrastructures in the civil, hydraulic, transportation, industrial building, facilities, planning and energy recovery fields: the group’s priority is to provide customized services to solve specific problems, with an approach considering the peculiarities of design and the characteristics of each single project.

The main COGEST partners are the public institutions operating on the territory, namely Regions, Provinces, Municipalities and Reclamation Consortia, Companies in charge of infrastructures, including ANAS, RFI, Autostrade per l’Italia, Romagna Acque, SoRiCal, HERA and ENEL, building companies, industrial groups and private investors.

The engineering services offered include the design, the work management and the safety management in construction sites, in addition to the design verification for validation purposes, testing and administrative general inspections, specialized consultancy to solve specific issues.

The internal Quality System the Company uses complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard, as proved by the  Certificato  issued by TÜV Italia s.r.l. as qualified Certification Body.