Entrance junction in Pinarella di Cervia

Entrance junction in Pinarella di Cervia

Entrance junction in Pinarella di Cervia

Multi-level entrance junction to the Adriatica state road in the Municipality of Cervia

The project consists of the overall reorganization of the existing accesses to the S.S.16 Adriatica state road in the territory of Pinarella (RA), at the flush intersection between the state road and former S.S.71bis road. A multi-level junction was designed, with an underpass crossing the adjacent Ravenna-Rimini railway line and a direct connection with the internal municipal traffic. The works involved several subjects: the Province of Ravenna, the Municipality of Cervia, ANAS, RFI and the Emilia-Romagna Region Emilia-Romagna.

It was possible to achieve the following goals:

  • Safety improvement of a critical connection between the S.S.16 and the ex S.S.71 bis roads, by enhancing the road network and traffic flows;

  • Removal of the three existing level crossings along the Ravenna-Rimini railway line, namely in Via Caduti della Libertà, in Via Lazio and in Via Casello del Diavolo;

  • Realization of an important road connection, directly leading to the town of Cervia, avoiding flush intersections with the railway line, efficiently connected to the primary and main existing road networks.

Services provided: Work management and Safety Coordination as representative of the temporary joint venture with 2Pigreco srl of Bologna. Duties within the temporary joint venture: Work Management, Safety Coordination and daily assistance.

Client: Municipality of Cervia (RA)

Site: Pinarella di Cervia (RA)

Years: from May 2014 to September 2017

Cost of works: 11.73 million Euros

“Saline” roundabout in Cervia

“Saline” roundabout in Cervia


“Saline” roundabout in Cervia

Saline (salt-ponds) roundabout at the entrance to the town of Cervia

The project is due to the need to modernize a critical, traffic-congested and particularly dangerous roads intersection, between the SS.16 Adriatica road and the ex S.S. 254 Cervese road, close to the town of Cervia, and to make it more effective. Significant volumes of traffic reach that crossroad, and they grow exponentially in summer; this results in impaired traffic flows and harmful effects for the environment.

The project envisages the realization of a large flush roundabout, connected with entrance and conjunction lanes with the existing traffic in the two main directions. This aims to enhance the service and safety levels of the current crossroad, makes the existing traffic flows quicker and, consequently, reduces pollution.

The new roundabout has an outer diameter of about 110 metres, and the road platform is 12 metres wide: it will be paved with bitumen mixed with rubber powder from used tyres, an innovative eco-friendly product that will permit a remarkable reduction of sound emissions.

The project also includes the placement of an integrated sound absorbing barrier, suitable to withhold vehicles and limit acoustic and air pollution produced by traffic, a new draining network connected to a rainwater processing system and a LED-technology lighting system.

The works include the updating of all interfering technological networks (e.g. waterworks, gas network, sewers, electrical distribution, telephone lines), in addition to the completion of the large municipal sewer trunk line of Via Martiri Fantini. Works protecting the duct of the Romagna Waterworks were preliminarily performed by Romagna Acque Società delle Fonti.

Services provided: Execution design, Work management and Safety Coordination.

Client: Municipality of Cervia (RA)

Site: Cervia (RA)

Year: September 2017, ongoing

Cost of works: 1.453 million Euros

Walkway of Perino

Walkway of Perino


Walkway of Perino

Upgrade of Valle Trebbia state road in the territory of Perino (PC).

Reconstruction of the historical bridge in the territory of Perino, making a new walkway and completion works in the Municipalities of Travo and Coli.

Services provided: support services to the Work Management.

Client: ANAS – road network department of Emilia-Romagna

Site: Perino (PC).

Year: 2013-2014

Cost of works: 910,000 Euros.

Railway bridge across the Ferrara waterway

Railway bridge across the Ferrara waterway

Railway bridge across the Ferrara waterway

Railway bridge across the Ferrara waterway in Migliarino (FE).

The project is a part of the general plan to upgrade the “Basso ferrarese” and “Polesano” waterways networks, and aims to contribute to the development of low energy consumption and low environmental impact transportation systems, in compliance with specific European directives.

The project included the building of a new railway bridge across the Ferrara waterway belonging to the Ferrara-Codigoro line, in the municipality of Migliarino. It is made up of five spans: the central one is a lower-way steel structure, the four lateral ones, two on each side, have r.c. slabs cast-in-situ on reinforced concrete prefabricated beams, and it also includes the implementation of the following works:

  • Building of the new railway embankment, including all the works required for railway superstructure and signalling, as well as all the related finishing works;
  • Two underpasses, suitable for vehicles, through the new railway embankment;
  • A box-shaped structure, to provide continuity to a cycle and pedestrian path;
  • A box-shaped structure for the Valcesura draining channel;
  • Alternative routes for municipal roads, also to make it possible to eliminate the existing level crossings;
  • realization of a new cycle and pedestrian path;
  • Public lighting systems, rainwater lifting system, external fittings and finishing works for the relevant systems.

Services provided: Final and execution design, Work Management and Safety Coordination.

Client: A.R.N.I. – Azienda Regionale per la Navigazione Interna, now acquired by A.I.P.O. – Agenzia Interregionale per il Fiume Po

Sites: Municipalities of Migliaro and Migliarino (FE).

Years: 2000 and 2006 for the Planning phase, 2009-2015 for the Work Management.

Cost of works: 8.950 million Euros.

Corridonia junction with the S.S.77 road

Corridonia junction with the S.S.77 road


Corridonia junction with the S.S.77 road

Modernization of the Corridonia junction (MC) with SS77 Val di Chienti road.

The works included the adjustment of the existing Corridonia junction, located at the crossroads with the Strada Statale No. 77 “della Val di Chienti” road. This junction, though effective for normal traffic conditions, was critical, with long traffic jams forming at the exit to Corridonia, in summer and at rush hours on the provincial road, requiring to design a new road configuration.

The proposed and then implemented solution was the construction of a one-way, two-lane roundabout junction, connected with the two lanes (access and exit) of the S.S. 77 road in both directions, and with the S.P. 34 road northward heading to Macerata and southward heading to Corridonia.

In the same branch, the municipal road called Via del Commercio was also linked, connecting the adjacent small-factories area to the main passing-through way.

The planned works also included:

  • Consolidation of the abutment of the existing overpass over the S.S.77 road, in order to use it for a new acceleration lane towards Tolentino;

  • A drainage network and an initial-rain water processing system connected with the works north of the S.S.77 road, protecting the wells-field area of the municipal waterworks of Corridonia;

  • Construction of a public lighting system in the new roundabout junction;

  • Acoustic and pollution impact-mitigation works protecting the residential area south of the S.S.77 road, which was developed close to the existing junction.

Services provided: Preliminary, final and executive design.

Client: ANAS – road network department of Marche.

Site: Corridonia (MC).

Years: Preliminary Planning 2004, Final Planning 2006, Executive Planning 2009.

Cost of works: 1.741 million Euros

New Western access to the Municipality of Cesenatico

New Western access to the Municipality of Cesenatico

New Western access to the Municipality of Cesenatico

New Western access to the Municipality of Cesenatico

The aim of this project was to connect the Strada Statale Adriatica SS.16 road with the Via Mazzini municipal road, by building a viaduct passing over the railway running between the two roads in the Western area, north of the canal port, where the three main routes run parallel.

The junction is made up of two axes:

  • The main one, a two-way road crossing the SS.16, the railway line and Via Mazzini by means of a viaduct consisting of 13 spans for a total length of about 260 metres. The ramp on the eastern side is connected with Via Mazzini by means of a roundabout; the one on the western side is connected with the Ravenna-Rimini lane of the Strada Statale by means of a traditional junction;

  • The secondary one is a south-north one-way road, along which there are access and exit ramps to the Rimini-Ravenna lane of the Strada Statale, characterized by a viaduct consisting of 11 spans, for a total length of 251 metres.

The works also included the adjustment of the cycle path, the public lighting systems and the rainwater drainage systems, the outer fittings and systems.

Services provided: Final, execution design, Work Management and Safety Coordination during the design phase.

Client: Municipality of Cesenatico (FC).

Site: Municipality of Cesenatico (FC).

Years: 2001-04 for the Safety Planning and Coordination during the planning phase, 2007-09 for the Work Management.

Cost of works: 7.27 million Euros.